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Revue is a content marketing tool that helps you to keep your followers updated on the most interesting articles and various content via email. We help you create a gorgeous newsletter within a few clicks. Our mission is to create a network of voices to help passionate people become influential curators. We want to do that by being the easiest tool to share curated content ever made.


Martijn de Kuijper came up with the idea of Revue. As a follower of investor Benedict Evans he read many articles Evans posted on Twitter. But due to the constant flow of information, and the time difference, Martijn missed a lot of interesting articles that Evans shared. Twitter is a great source for stories and news, but how do you keep track? Evans had, like many other experts, a newsletter. A weekly email in which he shared interesting articles with his thousands of followers. The email tool he used for this was not really designed to fit the purposes of his newsletter. "That can be easier, better and prettier," Martijn thought.

This is how Revue started. He built the first version and put it on Product Hunt. Within two weeks Revue had 2,000 users and had to look for reinforcement in the form of a team. After eight months Mohamed El Maslouhi, how Martijn had been working with for over 5 years, joined as CTO. Nowadays, the Revue team has grown to five people and has almost 20.000 experts worldwide sending out more then 2 million emails via our service.

How it works

We make curating your newsletter very easy by taking out the hassle in design, and offering a Chrome-extension that allows you to add articles you are reading on the Internet straight to your digest with the click of a button. Also we offer integrations with social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, but also eg. Pocket, making it extremely simple to use content from other platforms and add it to your newsletter. Besides your newsletter, a Revue account also includes a predesigned landing page with a signup form that can be shared to reach out and boost the number of subscribers. And last but not least becoming part of the Revue network.

Revue can be used by everyone; from experts to start-ups to companies who already have a subscriber database. Our platform is also perfect for people who are just starting a digest and don't have a lot of previous experience (with creating a newsletter) A free Revue account allows up to 50 subscribers, while a paid account (5$ p/m) allows up to 200 subscribers.

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Martijn de Kuijper Mohamed El Maslouhi

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands
Founded on Feb, 2015


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About Discover

There is something beautiful about the personal newsletter.

We love the depth and admire writers who cover niche topics in great detail. We love the intimacy of seeing these notes arriving in our inboxes directly from our favorite authors. And we love the serenity of reading every word without being interrupted by notifications. It’s a welcome change from 140 character limits on Twitter, fake news on Facebook, clickbait headlines and search engine optimized copy.

We often wake up in the morning, eager to check if the latest issue by our favorite author has arrived, much like we used to check the mailbox for the daily newspaper or weekly magazine in the old days.

And we thought you might too.

To help you discover your favorite personal newsletters we have created this directory. Each of the personal newsletters has extensive editorial content right in the email; you won’t find any blog notifications or auto generated lists of links. We also skipped all email marketing campaigns and direct promotions; while the authors of the personal newsletter might have a commercial interest, the purpose of the newsletters we picked is not entice you to purchase.

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