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🔥 Dynamic Skillset newsletter (September 2016)


Doug Belshaw

September 30 · Issue #8 · View online

Open Educational Thinkerer. Consultant helping people & orgs become more productive in their use of technology. Co-founded @WeAreOpenCoop. #digilit #openbadges

Hello! I’ve been getting back into the groove this last month, working with new clients both individually and through the co-operative. Amongst other things we ran thinkathons for Creative Commons and London CLC, I’ve been helping Victoria College in Jersey with their digital strategy, keynoting and Open Badges event in Glasgow, and continuing my critical friend work with several clients. 
This month has also seen the return of the Today In Digital Education (TIDE) podcast, which has has a much better (self-hosted!) home making it easy to stream or subscribe in a podcast client. I’ve been writing a lot more, particularly in terms of off-the-cuff pieces in response to articles I’ve come across. Check those out at!

The best of what I wrote in September
What do we mean by ‘open education’?
Digital Literacy, Identity and a Domain of One’s Own
Creative Commons thinkathon
The best of what I read in September
The Open Source School Redefines Education in Italy
Age of Distraction: Why the idea digital devices are destroying our concentration and memory is a myth
Why Group Brainstorming Doesn't Work
Work week: How we view it is a joke
How Experts Can Help a General Audience Understand Their Ideas
Availability for October
Although I’ll be away in Jersey, up mountains, running thinkathons, and working with both new and regular clients, I do have some spare capacity next month. I’m going to be developing a new series of workshops for 2017, and so would be interested in testing these out. More details soon, but I’ll be able to offer significant discounts in return for full and frank feedback.
We’re really up-to-speed with our in-person, remote, and ‘blended’ thinkathons with We Are Open. If you’ve got a project which could do with some clear thinking and deciding what’s in/out of scope, get in touch!
I’m delighted that we’re now at the stage in the evolution of Open Badges where there’s less theory and more action. If you’ve got a project that could do with alternative accreditation, let me know.
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