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Hello! As you receive this, I'll have just finished packing up my car and family for a month-long adv
July 31 - Issue #6

Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkerer. Consultant helping people & orgs become more productive in their use of technology. Co-founded @WeAreOpenCoop. #digilit #openbadges

Hello! As you receive this, I’ll have just finished packing up my car and family for a month-long adventure around Europe. I’ll be back in September to pick up work with existing clients and start work with new ones!
This month I’ve been in London regularly, as usual, but I was also at the Festival of Skills representing my client City & Guilds, and in Los Angeles last week to keynote an event.  
Have a great summer, and enjoy these links! :)

The best of what I wrote in July
Why ontologies are best left implicit (especially for credentials)
Consistency culture vs. Collaboration culture
Why brand will always trump process
The best of what I read in July
Millennials prefer credentialing programs to traditional degrees
The future of work
Generalists Get Better Job Offers Than Specialists
Level Up Your Willpower Stats for a More Successful Workday
The mind isn’t locked in the brain but extends far beyond it
After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice
As I’ve mentioned above, I’m away for the whole of August so unavailable for any work during the coming month. 
After that, however, I have some spare capacity, so please do contact me if you’ve got something around digital credentials, new literacies, the future of work, or anything that looks Doug-shaped!
I’m going to be working increasingly with the co-operative I’ve co-founded known as We Are Open. Our website is up-and-running, so do have a look at that too. I can highly recommend our ‘thinkathons’.
Get in touch!
I’ll be checking my work emails a couple of times a week while I’m away, and then daily from September:
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