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Doug Belshaw

May 2 · Issue #12 · View online

Open Educational Thinkerer. Consultant helping people & orgs become more productive in their use of technology. Co-founded @WeAreOpenCoop. #digilit #openbadges

Hello! I’m currently in Canada, working with clients and attending the Creative Commons Summit. I’ve been here for over a week now heading first to Toronto and then to Calgary. I won’t get to Vancouver on this trip, sadly. But then, that’s another reason to come back to this wonderful country!
This month I’ve continued clocking up the Quality Mountain Days I need to get on the Mountain Leader course, heading up Ben Nevis and mountains nearby. My write-up and photos from that trip can be found here. I also keynoted the Annual Learning & Teaching conference at Queen’s University Belfast, presented at the Co-operative Education & Research Conference (which was picked up here), ran workshops for London CLC and Waterford Institute of Technology, continued thinking around the concept of ‘digital employability’ (ready for a potential Ufi funding call), and spent almost a week down in Devon for Easter with my family. Phew! 
Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading and writing this month. I hope you find it useful.

The best of what I wrote in April
Can digital literacy be deconstructed into learnable units?
You can chain a knowledge worker to a desk, but you can’t make them think
Digital Literacy is about power
The best of what I read in April
Wakefulness and Digitally Engaged Publics | Hybrid Pedagogy
The stupidity of crowds | Open for Ideas
The Internet Isn’t Making Us Dumber — It’s Making Us More ‘Meta-Ignorant’ | Science of Us
The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews | The New York Times
10 work skills for the postnormal era | Work Futures
How The Most Productive CEOs Keep Email In Check | Fast Company
Availability for May (and beyond)
CC BY Dafne Cholet
CC BY Dafne Cholet
Most of my work in May is through the work my We Are Open Co-op colleagues and I are doing with various clients. A lot of this based from home. At the moment, I’ll only be venturing from Belshaw Towers with my work hat on for the Thinking Digital conference (Newcastle/Gateshead, 15th-16th May) and for a potential in-person co-op meetup towards the end of the month in London.  
Although I’m very much committed to the Open Badges work long-term, it’s been a nice change to do more work around what it means to work openly, and to build on what I’ve done around digital/web/new literacies. 
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